The Payoff

The Payoff

Why take advantage of PACE Funding for an Energy Remodel? Three reasons:

PACE funding is actually better than cash AND it provides no-money down access

The PACE funding is assessed against your property and not against you personally, which means your entire loan repayment amount is tax deductible. And the payment passes onto the next owner should you sell your house.

Your energy savings will range from 30% to 80% of your property tax increase, meaning that no only will you pay no money down, but you’ll also only have a fraction of the loan payment coming out of your pocket — the rest will be offset by energy savings. [If you want to see the actual numbers, you’ll have to look at the ROI of each service you might be interested in separately, though your AGILE Remodelers rep can give you a ballpark estimate of combined services during your Initial Assessment.

And the savings you gain through your energy remodel will only get higher in the future, as the price of energy isn’t predicted to go down anytime soon by any expert that we’ve ever heard of. If anything, most experts say that energy costs are expected to rise.

Of course, the real payoff is that you end up with a more comfortable, beautiful, valuable, and safe home because you’ll have taken on projects that you might not have wanted to fund if you’d have had to put all the money up front yourself.

Why The Government Is Doing This

The short answer is that making Californian’s homes more energy efficient is in their best interest — it helps America become more energy efficient, cuts down on pollution, and keeps the energy companies from having to open up new plants.

But it’s pretty clear that most people won’t invest all the up-front costs to make these changes to their homes, even if the economics makes long-term sense. And so local governments approved the funding for home owners to make their homes more energy efficient.

For the longer answer, click over to our Why Is The Government Is Doing This? page.

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