Qualification Process

Qualification Process

 Once we’ve put together an AGILE Energy Remodel plan and lined up your Pace Funding (or other funding options) for your home, we move into the done-for-you phases of your remodel:

We make sure that you gain the maximum benefits of all of the myriad power company, county, state, and federal incentives, rebates, and tax breaks for the projects you have included in your remodel.

We file all the paperwork to initiate funding, to order supplies, to pull permits where needed, and to schedule our AGILE Approved Installation Crews. We essentially act as your mission control and make sure all the supplies and workers show up when and where they are needed for a fast, smooth installation and remodeling process.

We continue to project manage your remodel, overseeing all of our AGILE Approved Contractors as they install your new products and transform your home into a more energy efficient, beautiful, and comfortable home. During this entire time, you’ll have direct-line access to “mission control” at AGILE Remodelers, so you can call and get a response should you have any questions or concerns.

After that, there’s not much left to do except enjoy The Payoff : a more energy efficient, beautiful, and comfortable home with no money down and a project that either fully covers, or reduces by half, the property-assessed repayment costs through energy savings

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We know your home is important to you. Which is why from our first chat until the job is done we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

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