Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment

Granted, you may not know about all the programs and energy renovation options available to you, but you DO know your home, and you certainly know what you like and what you want.

We have the best, most well-trained, clean-cut, and respectful team in the business, and we have trained them to structure the first visit (and all interactions with you) for your benefit:

One of the first things they do is help you get PACE Funding approval, so you know right up front that you are approved for no money down, and you have a sense of your budget for projects. Of course, there are other forms of funding available as well, but we find most customers prefer PACE Funding (and for good reason), so we establish that up front.

Then, your AGILE Remodelers rep will spend about 90% of your meeting getting input from you and relevant measures and information from your home — about what you like and don’t like about your home, where your energy leaks are, and what you’re comfortable considering in terms of renovations and changes.

 It’s a specialized process, that ends in a custom energy remodelling plan, where you choose the projects that make the most sense for you and your home.

And the end of that plan is a road-map for how you can transform your home — often in ways you’ve been hoping to do “some day” — that makes it easy to move forward because once you approve the plan, we take care of all the paperwork, scheduling, and project management to make it happen

Give AGILE Remodelers a Chance to Surprise You!

We know your home is important to you. Which is why from our first chat until the job is done we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

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