AGILE Approved

AGILE Approved

 When it comes to remodels — and especially with Energy Remodels — knowing who to work with (and who NOT to work with) is more than half the battle.

At AGILE, we take a lot of pride in how selective we are in the products manufacturers we partner with and the network of highy qualified, reliable, and professional work crews we use to ensure that your work gets done according to schedule, by competent, clean, professional craftsmen. That’s why we call them “AGILE Approved.”

But the truth is we HAVE to be picky, because we’re acting as your mission control for the entire project on a done-for-you basis. If our work crews aren’t timely, professional, and skilled, we’re on the hook to pick up the pieces. Now multiply that by all the projects in a typical remodel — from 3 to 8 projects, typically — and you can see why we insist on such high standards.

The benefit of working with the best comes from happy customers, and we’re proud to say that AGILE has the highest customer and client satisfaction rates in the industry.

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We know your home is important to you. Which is why from our first chat until the job is done we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

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