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Installing new energy efficient vinyl replacement windows can give you one of the biggest returns on investment when it comes to improving your home. Not only will you be able to recoup about 96.3% of the cost of vinyl replacement windows when and if you sell your home, but the added beauty and energy savings are substantial as well. AGILE chose the top of the line Anlin Vinyl windows as our product of choice due to the quality and value it allows us to bring to you, the home-owner.

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Improve Your Home With Anlin Vinyl Windows

Window Heat ReflectingThe biggest bang-for-buck home improvement for energy remodels is almost always Anlin Replacement Windows, because they improve your home in the following ways:

They beautify your home inside and out

Your home is quieter inside, leaving you more peaceful

They reduce cooling costs because their LOE3 coating reflects heat off of the glass instead of letting it in and the 95% argon fill between the glass panels is more effective at insulating your home

They increase comfort because they eliminate drafts and heat loss and provide UV protection

Exceeds Energy StarThey increase security, making your home more secure from outside threats

They increase the home value, allowing homeowners to recoup 96.3% of your investment upon selling your home

They exceed Energy Star requirements by 45% and are 100% more efficient than ordinary glass.

They keep heat from escaping your house in the cold weather.

Almost no other energy remodeling products improve your home in so many ways.

The energy savings starts with Anlin’s Infinit-e Glazing System. Their triple layer silver LOE3 coating reflects heat off the glass instead of absorbing it. This allows your home to stay cool during those hot summers and warmer during the cold winters.

Plus, Anlin is the only company in California that uses state of the art robotic technology to make sure that your windows have 95% fill rate of argon gas. This significantly reduces the amount of ambient air that travels through the window. And on the frame of the window, Anlin’s vinyl window frame use 9 thermal break channels to prevent outside air from traveling into your home. This also helps trap the air inside your home so you can be comfortable all year round.

When it comes to added security, Anlin’s dual pane windows hardware passed stringent California Forced Entry resistance test. So you can have peace-of-mind that your family is safe and secure in your own home. And Anlin dual pane windows come with a anti-lift block hidden in the frame, this prevents anyone from lifting your window out of the sill. You can feel safe and secure that your possessions are safe when you are at

Finally, Anlin is AAMA Gold Label Certified which is only awarded to companies that meet stringent performance standards. Not only will you have a strong and durable window, but you can feel safe that your investment will stand up to earthquakes.

Once you have the right glass, the next challenge is to develop the right spacer. The two panes of glass in your dual pane window need to be held apart by a spacer in order to create the dead air space that provides the main insulation capability. But heat travels through the spacer, transferring heat from one pane of glass to the other, and therefore from one side of your window to the other.

The secret here is Anlin’s Platinum Elite Health Smart Spacer, the industry’s most technologically advanced window spacer. Three hyper-efficient air chambers block the heat transfer path – keeping your home comfortable during all seasons. Working together with a proprietary multi-layer vapor barrier and a secondary sealant, moisture is kept out, gas kept in, and conductivity is virtually non-existent. Other features of the Platinum Elite spacer drastically reduce condensation and mold while providing the flexibility to expand and contract during temperature changes and high winds. The result is a window system that stands up against the elements, providing you with a lifetime of maintenance-free comfort. For the full list of features you can download the full details in a PDF here.

Window options for You to Choose From.

Emerson Scroll CompressorAnlin Vinyl Windows

Anlin Vinyl Replacement windows built with the Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System are among the most efficient dual-pane windows ever built. They are designed and built in California, specifically to provide optimum energy savings in moderate and hot climates, such as found in most of California.

Slider options for You to Choose From.

Emerson Scroll CompressorMALIBU Vinyl Sliding Doors

Anlin’s Malibu Sliding Patio Doors are designed and built to enhance the attractiveness of your home, to be easy to operate for as long as you own your home, and to help you save energy. They include features like the Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System, oversized metal rollers, steel-reinforced vertical stiles, forced-entry resistant two-point locking system, and many other features that will give you a lifetime of beauty, comfort and energy savings.

Slider Options:

Anlin StaffWhy AGILE loves Anlin? Beauty and Functionality

Other companies make coated, double pane, and insulated windows with added security features. And those are good windows as well. So why Anlin?

In addition to build quality and customer service, the real deciding factor is beauty. Here are some of the features that provide that added beauty:

Anlin manufactures their windows with even sight lines, giving your home a beautifully balanced look and maximum viewing area for your window.

Anlin SightlineAnlin uses their MasterBlend vinyl made up of an optimum blend of calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide to not only achieve that desired bright white finish, but to achieve it for the lifetime of the window.

The PLUS Easy-Clean coating by Anlin makes it easy to clean your windows by utilizing the sun’s UV rays to cause dirt and other organic material from sticking to the glass. This UV coating also reduces 95% of harmful UV rays. So you can rest assure that your carpet and furniture won’t become faded by the sun.

Anlin’s BetterVue screen is made from MICROBAN to offer antomicrobial protection and also prevents the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

Bettervue ScreenFinally, the BetterVue screen provides a clearer view and better airflow into your home and it comes with a integrated screen lift rail manufactured into the frame. No more black tabs breaking off!

AGILE Remodelers has partnered with Anlin Vinyl Replacement windows for a lot of reasons, including energy efficiency, beauty, secuirity, and build quality. But the biggest reason is that our clients are happiest with those windows. And you will be too.

Instant Energy Savings Now, and 96% Recovery When You Sell Your Home

When you block cold air (or hot) leaking out of your home (or heat from getting inside your home), you save a ton of energy. In fact, Anlin windows typically cause an 15-30% improvement on a homes heating and cooling costs. Next to insulation, windows really are one of the biggest energy improvements you can make.

But the real story goes beyond the improved comfort and energy savings you’ll get. The real story is in how much these new windows improve the resale value of your home. Most home additions don’t provide anywhere close to a one-to-one increase in the resale value of your home. In other words, you almost never get 100% of the money you spent on improvements back when you sell your home (unless you’re doing the work yourself, of course).

But replacement windows bring 96% of their value to the increased sale price of your home. It’s an almost one-to-one ratio. And this is made even better by the fact that you pay no upfront fee when you receive PACE funding and the monthly payments automatically transfer to the new home owner when you sell.

In other words, these new windows are a no-brainer if you believe you’ll be selling your home anytime in the next X years.

AGILE and Anlin Make Window Replacement Easy

New windows and sliders take about 3-4 weeks total project time, and the actual INSTALLATION, when we are removing your old windows and physically installing the new ones takes about 1-3 days time, depending on how many windows you have.

If you’re ready for new windows here are the next steps:

  1. Book an in home evaluation with your AGILE Remodelers representative, and you’ll decide that you want new windows as part of your project. Your specialist will get your approval funding and work windows into the total scope of your energy remodel.
  2. Then a project manager will come out, remeasure all of your windows, and order them from Anlin. Don’t worry AGILE Remodelers will schedule, coordinate, and take care of all of this.
  3. While waiting for the windows to arrive, AGILE will schedule your installation.
  4. Once the windows arrive, your installation crew will put them in over the next 1-3 days.
  5. Enjoy a beautiful new, more energy efficient home with no up-front expense.

During this entire process, you’ll have quick phone access to AGILE to answer any questions. We’ll do all the work for you.

Have a look at how the process works:

What’s Included in your new Windows and Sliders?

When you include Anlin Vinyl Replacement Windows as part of your home energy remodel, you’ll get the following:

The highest quality, most energy efficient replacement windows and frames for all of your windows (or every window you wish to replace)

An Anlin Full Lifetime Warranty on your new windows — at no cost to you, and for as long as you live in your home

Full removal and disposal of your old windows and complete installation of your new windows, including inside frames.

Project management and coordination from AGILE Remodelers.
Added energy efficiency from the thermal coatings, argon insulation, and thermally insulated frames.

All of the added security features of the windows

As you can see, you get a lot when you chose Anlin Windows as part of your energy remodel – it’s the reason up to XX% of our clients choose to include them in theirs.

If You’re Interested In New Windows, AGILE Remodelers Are THE People to Talk To

And talking to them is free. Why not find out how much funding you can receive for your new windows (and energy remodel)? There’s no high pressure sales pitch, just an informational meeting designed to see whether an energy remodel and new Anlin windows are right for your home.

Few home improvements will increase the beauty and resale value of your home as well as new windows, and no one else will make the installation process a smoother and better experience.

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