Exterior Coating

Exterior Coating

If your homes exterior needs work — new paint or stucco repair/replacement — then Cool Life Home Coating may be an excellent addition to your home’s AGILE Energy Remodel. It’s a better solution to exterior coatings than paint AND it comes with added energy benefits.

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Stretch Gaurd ComparisonCOOL LIFE’s Elastomeric Coating system is 10 times thicker than paint. When applied, it produces a flexible layer that seals and bridges cracks waterproofing porous surfaces in stucco or wood.

Its superior elasticity provides excellent long-term protection against future cracking. And special additives to the coating allow it to reflect heat better than any standard paint.

Plus, once you have COOL LIFE on your home, you’ll no longer have to deal with the hassle of constantly repainting (or re-stuccoing) your home, because COOL LIFE has a life expectancy that far exceeds normal paint.

Finally, The use of COOL LIFE’s reflective coating can reduce interior temperatures of a building 7 to 10 degrees, thereby reducing the energy needed to cool your home.

Homeowners can choose from 16 standard or any custom matched colors..

BreathabilityHow Cool Life Home Coatings Work

When a building settles, or is subject to any vibration or thermal expansion…cracking will definitely occur. And because most common home exterior materials are porous, water can penetrate them, especially if they are already cracked, causing serious structural damage and deterioration.

Moreover, most home coatings, like paint or stucco, are not designed to reflect heat back into the environment. As a result, they soak up the heat and put additional strain on your home’s central AC.

COOL LIFE’s Elastomeric Coating creates a flexible layer that seals and bridges cracks. This layer also waterproofs your home’s exterior surfaces providing true long-term protection against environmental and water damage.

PLUS, the additives placed inside Cool Life Coatings reflect IR and UV heat, cutting room temperature by about 10 degrees, and saving strain (and energy) from your home’s AC unit.

Coatings vs PaintWhy Quiet Cool? Quiet Operation and Energy Efficiency

There are plenty of exterior paints and coatings that provide IR and UV reflection to help cool your home. So why did we choose Cool Life?

Easy: Superior Performance on Stucco and Concrete Structures, Superior Waterproofing, and Superior Long-Term Performance.

Because Cool Life is an elastomeric coating that’s several times thicker than paint, it waterproofs and lasts much longer than other heat-reflective coatings. PLUS it’s specifically formulated to work better on Stucco exteriors and concrete or concrete masonry homes — somthing that’s a real advantage in California!

Not only that, but Cool Life is a US Company with excellent customer support. They’re simpy a superior vendor to work with. AND the coatings look great to boot and have a wide range of color options.

Cost ComparisonThis IS a great option, but it ISN’T the product for a homeowner buying based strictly on energy savings ROI

Quite simply, cool life coatings aren’t going to make a major dent in your utility bill, and won’t “pay for themselves” through energy savings.
But they WILL pay for themselves if re-painting and re-stuccoing are an every-few-years hassle for you, because they will eliminate those expenses for at least the next 20 years.

And these coatings WILL improve your curb appeal.

And if you’d like to get funding for the up-front expense and write your home’s exterior improvement off on your taxes, then Cool Life is a great option — especially if your home currently needs work done on the exterior.

AGILE Makes Cool Life Coatings Easy

AGILE’s quality contractors will inspect, pressure wash, repair and patch your exterior, then prime and coat your new home with the Cool Life Coating color of your choosing.

All told, this is a 3-4 day application process, and it normally takes about 2 weeks total from the initial meeting, ordering, paperwork, and scheduling.

During this entire process, you’ll have quick phone access to AGILE to answer any questions. We’ll do all the work for you.

When you include Cool Life Exterior Coatings as part of your home energy remodel, you’ll get the following:

  • Professional inspection, repair, and pre-cleaning of your home
  • Professional two-step application of your Cool Life product
  • The best elastomeric and heat-reflecting coating on the market
  • A “brand new look” for your home, including your choice of color

As you can see, you get a lot when you choose to make a Cool Life Exterior Coating part of your energy remodel.

The Beauty of a Home Energy Remodel is that Improves More than Just Your Utility Bill

Home energy remodels improve lots more about your home than just its energy efficiency. With new exterior energy efficient coatings, you can dramatically improve the look and curb appeal of your home.

And best of all, with PACE Funding, you can get all this done to your home — improvements you may have long wanted to make anyway — without any up-front or out of pocket expenses.

So if you’d like to improve the value, look, and comfort of your home, give us a call and see how you’ve got a lot more options than you think when it comes to energy remodels.

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