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If your Air Conditioner is more than 12 years old, and especially if it came with the house, chances are that it’s using twice as much energy to cool your house compared to one of today’s high efficiency systems. In other words, replacing that system could allow you to cut your cooling bill in half while increasing your home’s comfort.

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Air conditioners are rated not only on their cooling capacity (i.e. how much air conditioning you need for your size home), but on their cooling efficiency as well, as in how much heat can the unit remove from your home per watt-hour of energy.

The efficiency rating is called SEER, for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Your old unit probably as a SEER of between 8 to 12. New high efficiency systems have SEER ratings that range from 15 to 20. Double the SEER and you double the effiency – which means halving the energy required.

AGILE Air Conditioning Before & AfterAnd because new higher-efficiency units use variable performance technology, they can also remove more humidity from the air than older units. Less humidity at a given temperature feels more comfortable.

So you get substantial energy savings PLUS a more comfortable home.

How It WorksThere are two main ways today’s high SEER units achieve their efficiency:

1) They use scroll compressors that are inherently more efficient than old-school reciprocating compressors, and

2) Using modulated compressor capacity to match system performance to demand.

Scroll compressors are inherently more efficient than regular compressors, are inherently more balanced and smoother running than reciprocating compressors, and require about 70% fewer parts. This makes them inherently more reliable as well, with our manufacturers offering 20 year and even lifetime warranties on the compressor itself (and 10 years on the entire system).

Scroll CompressorAnd the Emerson Copeland scroll compressors that our brands’ systems use also allow modulated capacity. Regular compressors are either on or off. Either they are running at max capacity, or they are turned off. Copeland compressors can run at reduced capacity to handle reduced load requirements. Think of it as the ability of a V-8 engine to shut down cylinders to save gas when all that power isn’t needed.

This modulated performance not only saves energy, but it allows the system to more efficiently remove humidity from the air, which results in greater comfort for your family.

Why We Partner With Amana and Goodman Brand Air Conditioners

Emerson Scroll CompressorWe’ve partnered with these brands quite simply because they make fantastic high performance air conditioning systems and stand by their products with 20 year and lifetime warranties on the compressor, and 10 year warranties on the entire system.

Why are the systems so fantastic? A couple of reasons:

  • They both use the two stage Copeland utlra-tech scroll compressor
  • They both use variable speed fans
  • They both have advanced monitoring and diagnostic systems
  • They both use sound isolation technology to ensure quite operation
  • They are both already using the new, eco-friendly R410-A refrigerant that all systems will have to use in the near future
  • Both brands have sterling reputations in the industry and solid after-the-sale support

As always, AGILE Remodelers has done their homework and selected only the very best products, vendors, and contractors to work with. Amana and Goodman are just another example of that.

If you’re system is older than 12 years, the numbers make a lot of sense.

SEER SavingsWhen looking at whether a high efficiency AC system makes sense, the biggest thing to look at isn’t the savings that comes from halving your cooling bill, the biggest thing to look at is how soon you’ll need a new system anyway.

The statistical average lifetime for a standard AC unit is 15 years. Granted, some systems will make it to 18 or 20, but that’s really “borrowed time.” In general, 15 years is a pretty good estimate.

Energy GuideAnd that means a 12-15 year old system is only a few years away from needing replacement anyway. And it’s definitely only a matter of time before that system needs an expensive repair.

So you could wait until your old system breaks down during the summer and pay top dollar, with your own financing, to get any old replacement system rushed into your home.

So you could wait until your old system breaks down during the summer and pay top dollar, with your own financing, to get any old replacement system rushed into your home.

Or you could get funding to buy a brand new high-efficiency system and be able to write off the entire payment amount on your taxes, plus take advantage of other incentives and benefits.

The smart move is pretty obvious when it’s laid out like that, isn’t it?

AGILE Makes AC Replacement Easy

Getting approved for PACE funding takes 5 minutes. The installation time for a new AC system usually runs 2-3 days. Ordering the system and sending in the paperwork for all the incentives takes 2 weeks or so.

That’s the quick and dirty on timelines, but here’s how the whole process works:

During your meeting with your AGILE Remodelers representative, you’ll decide whether a new, high-efficiency AC system makes sense to be part of your energy remodel, and your rep will get your approval for funding and a new AC system into the total scope of your energy remodel.

Then we’ll have an AC specialist from either Amana or Goodman come out, spec the right system for your home, and have us order that system and schedule installation. In the meantime, we’ll file any paperwork necessary to take advantage of additional incentives, bonuses, and tax rebates.

When the new unit arrives, one of AGILE’s installation crews will come out to your house, pull your old system out, and put the new system in as fast and efficiently as possible.

During this entire process, you’ll have quick phone access to AGILE to answer any questions. We’ll do all the work for you.

When you include new air conditioning system as part of your home energy remodel, you’ll get the following:

  • A brand new, high-efficiency AC system from either Amana or Goodman, featuring cutting-edge scroll compressor and variable load technology
  • A 20-year or lifetime warranty on your compressor and a 10 year warranty on the rest of your new system.
  • Full removal of your old AC system.
  • Full done-for-you installation of your new AC System
  • Full project management and coordination from AGILE Remodelers.
  • The ability to make use of PACE Funding and to deduct the full monthly payment from your taxes.
  • The ability to half your cooling costs.
  • Decreased humidity inside your home for added comfort.

As you can see, you get a lot when you chose to make a high-efficiency AC system part of your energy remodel.

The Beauty of a Home Energy Remodel is that Improves More than Just Your Utility Bill

Home energy remodels improve lots more about your home than just its energy efficiency. With a brand new air conditioning system your home’s comfort and safety will improve dramatically, as well.

And best of all, with PACE Funding, you can get this done to your home — improvements you may have long wanted to make anyway — without any up-front or out of pocket expenses.

So if you’d like to improve the value, look, and comfort of your home, give us a call and see how you’ve got a lot more options than you think — including a new roof — when it comes to energy remodels.

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