No Money Down

No Money Down

The problem with energy remodels that don’t include PACE Funding is that the timeline to get your money back is measured in years. Granted, sometimes it’s as soon as 2 years or less. But typically, it’s between 2-10 years.

Now, that’s great if you’re rich and can afford to invest for the long term.

But the government knows that to make it affordable and do-able for most people, they have to provide the up-front funds so that you can get the benefit now, and make smaller payments over time.

That’s exactly what they’ve done with PACE Funding (or the HERO program in California). The government puts all the money down up-front and you pay it back over time through slightly higher property taxes. Except you only end up paying a fraction of it back because you enjoy all the energy savings of the remodel PLUS you get all the tax benefits that come with PACE Funding .

In other words, PACE Funding makes energy remodels financially painless. Better than painless in fact, it makes them into a financial windfall.

And AGILE works on the actually-getting-it-done side to make the remodel pleasant, smooth, and awesome.

But before you can take advantage of all that, you’ll need to schedule your Initial Assessment with us.

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