The AGILE Team

The AGILE Team

Chris Quigley | Director of Post-Project Customer Service

When we said that our goal is to ensure our cus-tomers are delighted with our service and their ex-perience, we meant it. We even have a manager whose soul job is to work with former customers both to ensure they are happy, and to capture their thoughts and experience in before and after photos, videos, and written testimonials.

And if post-project service is required on anything, he also sees that that gets taken care of ASAP.

Eric Vanderven | Field Marketing Manager

Eric makes sure that our very first contact with cus-tomers, usually through a neighborhood canvass-er, goes smoothly. This is a lot easier thanks to the high quality of people Michael hires, but Eric trains the canvassers on how to sort homes that are likely good candidates for this program from ones that are not, and how to explain the opportunity to homeowners.

Obviously a big part of the job is being respectful to home owners privacy and personal time, and also to graciously accept the “not interested” replies that are an inevitable part of the job. But just as important is how to intelligently articulate the awesome opportunity to homeowners who are interested. And Eric does a great job of ensuring our canvassers are up to that task.

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