The Founders

The Founders

Eric Michael Collins’s Background

When I was 16, I helped build my parents’ home from the ground up. After various projects, though, I realized that manual labor wasn’t for me. My passion was, and is, being an entrepreneur.

But having been a laborer gave me perspective as an entrepreneur. I witnessed firsthand the challenges that technicians in any industry face when making the leap from skilled professional to business owner. It’s tough to run any business yourself and also handle marketing, sales, production, operations and finance. I’d seen the strain this put on my family and I knew it wasn’t for me.

I spent many years starting and running a variety of businesses. When I began working for a major remodeling and renovation company in 2005, I really began to understand such a company that serviced dozens of customers at a time operated. That was intriguing to me. In bigger companies, however, I also could see where customers were overlooked or even lied to and where quality dropped. I vowed to treat customers better. I vowed to maintain high quality. And I knew that I had a lot to learn about the industry and running a business in it.

From my later experience at remodeling companies, I learned what it means have multiple crews and to operate at scale. From my other businesses – and from the school of hard knocks – I also learned the importance of systems and of hiring the best people.

I eventually worked for more than eight years at various construction companies, as employee and partner. Finally, in 2013, I decided to make the leap to establishing a remodeling company of my own.

How AGILE Remodelers Started

AGILE stands for Alliance for Green Improvements and Lasting Energy.” What that means is this: We are energy-efficiency and energy-independence remodelers.

As AGILE Remodelers, we help homeowners take advantage of government funding and loans to do clean-energy remodels that make their homes more energy-efficient, energy-independent, as well as more comfortable, beautiful and safe.

And we’re really, really good at what we do.

Our goal is to have the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. And we’re already achieving that. That’s because we operate to maintain the highest-quality standards for the people who work for us.

The team members who interact with the homeowners are the best in the industry. Field Marketers always look professional and are always courteous. Sales people don’t mislead or oversell the products or company. Our installers do their best to show up on time, are well-mannered, and happily answer any questions during production. We receive an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. We receive very few complaints.

At AGILE Remodelers we combine great craftsmanship, attention to detail, employee excellence and customer care in everything we do, based on what I learned through my experience in the field.

And that’s the AGILE Remodeler Story.

Give AGILE Remodelers a Chance to Surprise You!

We know your home is important to you. Which is why from our first chat until the job is done we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

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