A Done-For-You Process That Keeps You In Control

The Property Assessed Clean Energy Bill (PACE) provides funding to transform your house into an energy efficient home. Here’s how AGILE Remodelers makes it easy:

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    In-Home Evaluation

    Your home is put through a full, thorough, and professional assess-ment to give you answers to all your questions.

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    Moving Forward

    You’ll receive a detailed roadmap to move forward with, start all the paper-work, and you’ll know the financial details and work timelines.

  • pay-off

    The Payoff

    You pay no money out of pocket, and your monthly low cost payment is 50% to 80% paid for rebates, reduced energy bills, tax breaks and discounts.


Enjoy Greater Comfort, Security, and Peace of Mind

AGILE Remodelers makes your home energy efficient so that you can afford to set the AC or the heat where you want it – that’s real comfort. And you have peace of mind knowing that you’ve cut your bill down to a fraction of what it was — and all for no money down using PACE Funding.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It:

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AGILE Remodelers Is Trusted By:

  • max

    Thanks to my new windows and insulation, my house stays warmer when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. All without having to run my A/C or furnace.quote-bg

    Max Hartwell Upland
  • joann

    Just have to say that these guys did such a great job installing the solar system. Very professional, polite, and neat.quote-bg


    Joann Valencia Placentia
  • dizon

    Everything was exactly as promised, and everyone was very clean and friendly. The Quiet Cool fan has really help reduce my allergies.quote-bg

    Mia Dizon & Phillip Arce Anaheim

Why AGILE Remodelers

We provide the best customer experience and get the job done right.


You’ve Got More Options Than You Think

When most people think about energy renovations, they never think past weather stripping and insulation. And while those are some good options, they’re hardly all there is. See what else we offer:

15 Programs, 56 Incentives, and 92 Qualifications

This is NOT the time to go it alone or choose just any old contractor

The PACE Bill and Hero Program and 13 other Federal, State, County, and Utility incentives are all real. So are the funding, discounts, tax benefits, and rebates that come with them. Call us to set up your In Home Evaluation.

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